What’s the best way to Disinfect your Home?

Washing hands, wearing masks, staying at home and maintaining social distance in public places is a new normal to protect yourself from the lethal virus.

There are reports that suggest that the Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces for a significant amount of time and the best cleaning companies offer professional sanitization services to ensure a pathogen free home but let’s learn “ How can you clean the residents before you engage the professionals.

1. Kitchen disinfection tips:

A highly infection prone area of your house, the kitchen requires great consideration when disinfecting a house. Points to note:
  • The highest number of germs breed in your kitchen because it is an area where food is cooked and served.
  • Make sure you disinfect the entire kitchen including fridge and freezer doors, vegetable drawers and handles of doors and windows.
  • Disinfecting the knives and forks is normal but for extra precaution make sure you wipe the handles of the silverware drawers as well.
  • While you must throw away disposable bags, make sure you wash reusable grocery bags with soap and water.

2. Bathroom disinfection tips:

Bathroom is the second most vulnerable place in the house, to ensure disinfection in the bathroom you must:
  • Wash towels more frequently than before. Try and use hand towels once before you hang them to dry.
  • All high touch areas must be cleaned and disinfected. This includes handles of door and windows, medicine cabinet door and handle, mats, soaps, and all the other fixtures.

3. Bedroom disinfection tips:

Sanitization Cleaning Services experts suggest that disinfecting the bedroom is the toughest because it has a diverse range of surfaces. You must know:
  • Bedrooms have a range of items that are used frequently and hence have higher chances of cross contamination.
  • Wash the sheets and pillowcases daily.
  • Empty the trash can and change the trash bags.
  • Wipe the highly touched area using disinfecting towels. These areas include bedside lamps, curtains, handles of cupboards and drawers, etc.

4. Tips for disinfecting the laundry:

It is needless to explain why you must be vigilant while disinfecting your laundry. Somethings to keep in mind include:
  • If you doubt that any laundry is infected, make sure you wear gloves while handling it.
  • Use warm water for washing laundry and ensure that you dry the sheets in air and sun.
  • Use disinfectant spray for cleaning and disinfecting items like Watches, jewelry, gloves and shoes.

5. Tips for disinfecting electronic items:

Cleaning electronic items can be tough considering the fragile nature. You must:
  • Use alcohol based sprays and rubs to disinfect appliances. Make sure you follow the label instructions.
  • Make sure you use a soft tissue, towel or paper to wipe the screens of your electronics to avoid scratches and damage.

As you perform day to day sanitization of your house and belongings, you must engage professional sanitization services once in a month to ensure deep cleaning and disinfection of the entire house.

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