Top 5 Tips to Disinfect Your Office

Keeping employees and customers safe is very crucial for businesses and disinfection is the key to achieve it. As per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), businesses need to ensure daily cleaning and disinfection of their property to contain any possible spread of viruses. Engaging professional disinfection services Vancouver can prove beneficial to achieve the best results and safer working environment.

Methods to disinfect office:

Following the right method or a combination of them can prove very beneficial in keeping the office premises virus and containment free. Let us learn about these advanced methods in details below:

1. Wiping the surfaces in one direction

Wiping the surfaces in an office is a great way to disinfect. However, experts suggest that you must wipe the surfaces in one direction only. If you fail to do so and rub back and forth, you deposit the dirt and germs to the area you just end up cleaning. Wiping for disinfection is more effective and important in areas that are frequently touched such as countertops, equipment, workstations, and more.

2. Color-coded cleaning

Cross-contamination can prove very lethal and preventing it is important. You can use different color clothes to clean and wipe in different areas. Using a color-coded approach for cleaning ensures that you do not pass on the contaminants from one area to another. Clothes used for cleaning and wiping some specific areas like the bathrooms must be discarded immediately after use.

3. Smart disinfectant spraying

There are a variety of disinfectant sprays available in the market that claim to be 99.999% effective on germs and viruses. These disinfectants are proven safe for use on a variety of surfaces and against a range of microorganisms. However, to get a 100% result, it is suggested to engage a professional disinfection spray service provider. The experts will ensure the complete elimination of the contamination.

4. Disinfecting the Devices

There are several devices used in an office and they are touched by several employees every day. It is important to pay attention to this equipment and its cleaning and disinfection requirements. Equipment like telephones, laptops, copiers, and computer mouse must be cleaned and wiped with disinfectant wipes. Research has concluded that on average an adult brings its finger to their nose, mouth, and eyes around 16 times in an hour which means a lot of risk of contamination. If you happen to be touching contaminated floors and surfaces, this increases the risk of spread.

5. Hand washing regimen

It is important to ensure that the staff knows when and how to wash their hands. You must post hand washing and drying instructions to help the staff understand the importance and how to do it right. Proper handwashing can prove very beneficial for maintaining personal hygiene and eliminating the risk of contamination.

Using these tips for office disinfection can be very helpful in preventing the spread of contagious viruses. A little emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene can ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and customers.

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