Sanitization Required for New Home & Home Owners

In the unfortune time of COVID-19, sanitization and cleaning of your new home have become important more than ever. While you must have already worked on the deep cleaning requirements of the house, the microbial contamination inside the house, demands for a more thorough cleanse and sanitization drive.

1. Why sanitization is unavoidable in today’s time?

From workers to plumber and real estate broker, a range of people must have visited you home from time to time. It exposes your home to a range of microorganisms, dust allergens including Coronavirus and other communicable infectious bacteria.

By engaging a professional sanitization company, you can ensure that your home is free from any type of virus or other kind of allergens. Hence, maintain a healthy lifestyle free of any free of any fear.

2. How professional sanitization service provide is better than cleaning yourself?

Researches show that normal cleaning is not effective against coronavirus. The virus can survive on various surfaces including plastic surfaces, doorknobs, fridge handles and countertops, etc. The professional sanitization experts know exactly how to treat different types of surfaces.

The application of the disinfectants is very critical as without effective application, treating such deadly virus is not possible.

3. How the cleaning process by the sanitization experts take place?

Thorough cleaning is the fundamental when you hire a professional with appropriate uniform and tools. The sanitation experts will thoroughly clean every nook and corner of your house while paying special attention to most touch areas like doors, doorbells, staircase etc.

This way, they can ensure that they remove all harmful bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus out of your home.

4. What are advanced agents used those are stronger than regular agents?

The professional sanitization companies have access to advanced and effective agents that are proven for killing harmful germs, bacteria and viruses completely. Vital Oxide is one of the key agent that is proven to kill viruses and bacteria to 99.9999%. It is also proven to be affected against Coronavirus without leaving an off odour post the process.

The professionals will inspect your property and offer you a strategic plan to make the property safe for you and your loved.

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