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At Vansanit, we work dedicatedly to provide you with a healthy environment and premises to lead a healthy and safe life. Our sanitization services are trusted for 99.999% germ free results and safe use of sanitizing and cleaning agents. Microorganisms can be a very stubborn deal to fight with. You need specialized equipment, skills and agents to ensure your premises and environment is free from these life-threatening microbes. Our cleaning and sanitization teams take charge of the safety and wellbeing of your premises and leave no corner untouched while cleaning and killing the pesky viruses, bacterium and other microbes posing a risk to your health and life.

COVID-19 Sanitization Cleaning Services

As COVID-19 becomes a more darned disease, infecting the entire globe, we take charge of your health and safety. Our specialized Covid-19 sanitization cleaning services are aimed at maintaining your residential and commercial properties as safe and healthy as possible. Our #1 priority is to make your premises and environments free from the lethal SARS-CoV-2, the deadly coronavirus that is the root cause of COVID-19 disease.

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    With viruses like Coronavirus infecting our environment, it is of utmost importance that every space and its surfaces that we use are sanitized and cleaned by professionals. Our specialized team of coronavirus sanitization and cleaning experts works strategically in sanitizing your spaces and making the COVID-19 free. Our goal with sanitization services include:

    • Protecting the health and safety of the property’s occupants
    • Ensuring smooth functioning of residential and commercial properties
    • Delivering results with 99.999% germ free guarantee
    • Using EPA approved and Government registered products to ensure health and safety compliance
    • Offering client-satisfactory services to promote health and well-being
    Killing the microbes efficiently:

    The core objective of Sanitization cleaning services is to remove and kill the microbes from the environment and surfaces with the efficacy of 99.999%. We take aid from a range of advanced tools, equipment’s, EPA approved disinfectants and other agents and the expertise of our time-served sanitization professionals to achieve success in this endeavor.

    Serving residential and commercial clients alike, we focus on client safety and health by inspecting the property for any trace of contamination, once we have sanitized the space. Our aim with sanitization:

    Best cleaning services accomplished with modern equipment:

    Our team of technicians arrive at your property suited in a head to toe hazmat suit for their safety and yours so you do not have to be worried about cross contamination. We take proper care and give importance to eliminating the chances of additional spread of illness-causing germs, especially in environments like hospitals, restaurants, bars and more.

    We use advanced foggers, mops, surface wipers and sprayers to ensure that no surface of your premises is left untouched from our effective hands. From cleaning the entire space to disinfecting the highly touched areas and fogging the entire space with EPA approved disinfectants. Our strategic and multi-phase approach to cleaning and sanitization ensures that we cover the entire area of your property, from floor to ceiling, without any flaw.

    Cleaning services available round the clock:

    The timeline of cleaning and sanitization services is very crucial, especially in case of commercial establishment. We understand the importance of your operations and ensure hassle-free and non-disturbing cleaning services at your commercial spaces. Our 24-hour cleaning and sanitization services are available for after hour cleaning and sanitation needs of our clients. As we clean and sanitize your properties with perfection, we ensure there is no performance loss or productivity delay in your business.

    Discuss your cleaning and sanitization requirements with us and let us offer you a comprehensive cleaning and sanitization service package, served at a time most suited to your business.

    Who can we help?

    Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Schools, Office, Warehouse, you name it and we are ready to handle your cleaning and sanitization requirements. We have decades of experience in handling the cleaning and sanitization requirements of our clients. Considering the latest development of COVID-19, we have upgraded our services and incorporated some better and advanced cleaning agents and techniques in our arsenal against the microbes. We offer comprehensive cleaning sanitization services in Vancouver to:

    • Commercial spaces: schools, fire stations, community spaces, healthcare locations, office spaces, retail spaces, small warehouses, childcare facilities, food-related businesses, grocery stores and more
    • Residential spaces: single story, multi-story, apartments, condominium and more.
    • Industrial: warehouses, factories and other spaces where you would like to prevent and remediate the outbreak.
    Request an estimate today and let our representative offer you the best cleaning sanitization package for your health and safety requirements!

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