Safety Tips to avoid a Disinfectant Disaster during COVID- 19 and beyond

COVID-19 outbreak has taught us one thing- Good housekeeping practices are crucial, no matter whether it is for a workplace or a household. The contagious disease spreads from highly touched surfaces and can prove lethal if not handled with care.

More and more home and business owners have become conscious about their cleaning and sanitization needs and the demand for professional sanitization services is higher than ever.

Disinfection gives us the key to avoid Coronavirus contagion and ensure safety and well-being of everyone that uses the facility.

You will learn:

Disinfection alone is not enough. Instead, proper sanitization is what you must focus on:

1. What is disinfection?

Disinfection is a process of cleaning a surface in a way to kill the bacteria on it. While cleaning removes dust and dirt, sanitization minimizes bacteria and germs, disinfection eliminates maximum number of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses, offering 99.99% success.

While it is recommended to engage professional sanitation services in Vancouver, you need to be extra cautious while using disinfectants.

2. What are the best disinfectants to use during COVID-19 and beyond?

There are a range of disinfectant products available in the market. Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents which act on reducing the number of pathogens on surfaces by killing them. Disinfectants are used on various surfaces including floors, walls, objects, and more. They must not be sprayed or used on human beings.

Alcohols, quaternary ammonium salts, formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, bleach, chloramine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, silver dihydrogen citrate, and thymol are some of the most common types of disinfectants.

3. Safety tips for disinfecting property.

Disinfectants are very effective against viruses and other pathogens. However, they also have adverse effects on human skin, body and health and hence while using them, enough precautions must be taken. Here are some of the safety tips for disinfecting your property:

  • Use EPA registered products only It is recommended to use EPA registered products only to ensure maximum safety against the viruses like Coronavirus. Ensure that the sanitization services you hire also uses EPA registered products only.
  • Follow the label:Once you have found the right EPA registered disinfectant, make sure you follow the instructions on the label. Every product comes with label instructions for safe and effective use. From contact time to right usage amount, be vigilant for core aspects.
  • Wear PPEs:Make sure you wear all the PPEs while using disinfectants. Masks, eye gear, gloves and coveralls are a must for certain disinfectants usage. The more you protect yourself, the better you will be able to disinfect your home.

Professional sanitization services in Vancouver pay a lot of emphasis on taking safety precautions while using disinfectants. Proper disinfection is very important and it is equally important to use the product effectively.

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