How to disinfect yourself, your home and your stuff

We are living in the new normal and in order to survive, we need to tweak our habits and view towards cleanliness and disinfection. With the world hitting back to normal, restrictions being lifted up and people freeing themselves to the streets, maintaining sanitization and disinfection has become necessary more than ever.

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The Centers for Disease Control states that it is very important to disinfect your living spaces, items and yourself in order to prevent the step. Engaging Cleaning services and Sanitization services time to time is recommended.

1. Disinfecting your self

It is very imperative that you keep yourself protected from the virus. Paying attention to your personal hygiene is critical. The core steps to take to keep the virus at bay from yourself include:
  • Wash your hands frequently: It is recommended to wash your hands frequently with soap and water for up to 20 seconds. If you do not have water and sap available, sanitizing with a 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Wear face mask: A face mask can minimize your risk of catching the virus significantly. Whenever you step out in the streets, make sure you wear a cotton, breathable face mask.
  • Stay home: Avoid going out as much as you can. Social distancing and self- isolation is the best way to ensure that you stay protected from the lethal virus spread.

2. Disinfecting the home

Cleaning and disinfecting the home is very important. While cleaning removes the contaminants from a surface, disinfecting kills the germs and viruses. As per the CDC, it is very important that you clean and disinfect the high touch areas of your home. The virus can survive on different surfaces for different time durations.

Use a high quality, EPA approved disinfectant to make your home’s highly touched areas pathogen free. You can use disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, Isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide for disinfection.

3. Disinfecting your stuff

From food items to clothing and packages to mails, everything can carry the virus. It is important that you disinfect everything that enters your home. There are special food disinfecting solutions available in the market that you can buy to make your food virus free. Different types of soft and hard surface disinfectants are also available in the market that allow you to make different items and surfaces virus free.

Coronavirus is a very lethal virus with a high contamination ratio. Disinfection and sanitization is the only way to keep the virus in control and protect yourself and the family. It is recommended to engage the best sanitization services today and get the benefit of professional cleaning and sanitization.

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