How to disinfect every nook and corner of your house?

Home is where we feel safe and protected. Sadly, the haven is no more the best place for humans to feel safe. The rising number of virus-based threats have made it impossible for us to keep the lethal diseases out of the house. From dirty hands to shoes, clothing to phones and more, there are a number of carriers that bring harmful viruses and other microorganisms to our home. Luckily, disinfection is a proven way to combat the contamination and ensure a high level of safety and hygiene in your house. The best results from disinfection can be achieved only when it is done right, by professional sanitization services providers and thoroughly across every room in the house.

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Disinfection is the key against a range of viruses including Coronavirus. Let’s discuss how you can disinfect various rooms in your house with great efficacy:

1. How to disinfect the kitchen?

Kitchen is the first room that you should address because the chances of contamination in this room are the highest. Before you start the disinfection drive, make sure you have the right set of PPEs. For the kitchen, you will need gloves and eye gear. You will have to address two types of pathogens in the kitchen: bacteria from transfer and food borne bacteria. You need to use separate disinfectants for hard surfaces, soft surfaces, food preparation areas and utensils, dishes, and glassware.

2. How to disinfect the bathroom?

Irrespective of what type of disease is haunting the world, it is always important to disinfect the toilet at all times. Each and every surface of the bathroom must be cleaned and disinfected. There are many areas in the bathroom such as the area under the rim and the area at the back of the toilet bowl that goes unnoticed. Make sure you clean and disinfect this area using an EPA registered disinfectant and cleaner for the bathroom.

3. How to disinfect the living room?

Living room is one of the most commonly shared area of the house. The room has a mix of hard and soft surfaces and you need to attend to the cleaning and disinfecting requirements of each type. You must also pay attention to the disinfection requirements of the type of surface and wear appropriate safety gears at all times.

4. How to disinfect the bedroom?

The bedroom has a combination of soft and hard surfaces just like the living room. You must attend to the disinfecting needs of both the types of surfaces and use appropriate disinfectants. Make sure you clean and disinfect the bed linens, pillows, and clothing as well as work on outerwear, gloves, and scarves. There are different disinfectants for washable and non-washable fabrics.

Even if you know how to disinfect your home, it is best to engage professional sanitized services for a greater protection from the pathogens. The professional sanitization services providers have the right equipment, skills and knowledge about effective and safe disinfectants for different surfaces and pathogens.

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