How Do You Know Your Disinfectant Cleaning Process Is Effective?

The efficacy of the disinfectant cleaning process is very crucial, especially in times of COVID-19. The only way to stay safe and protected from the lethal virus is through following proper cleaning, sanitization and disinfection practices. However, as you work towards your sanitization and disinfection goals, how do you ensure that the drive reaps you the best results?

Rule Checklist for you:

There are several elements to be factored in order to ensure the effectiveness of your cleaning and disinfection drive. Let’s discuss the core factors in detail:

1. Know the factors

First and foremost, you must know the key factors to look for while searching for the best products. There are several things to consider including:

  • Kill time:

    Kill time is the time taken by the disinfectant to kill the bacteria and other microbes on any surface. It also indicates which disinfectant chemical is effective against which type of bacteria.

  • Reaction to unique surfaces:

    Not all chemicals react to different surfaces in the same way. It is essential to check how a particular agent would react on different surfaces in your house.

  • Concentration:

    Finally, each cleaning and disinfection agent has different concentrations at which they are the most effective. Learn the right concentrations as too much concentrated liquid can also cause harm to your hands as well as surfaces.

2. Research

Now that you know what the key factors to consider are, you must now start researching for the cleaning agents and disinfectants that fit in the criteria. It is important that you look for EPA approved agents as they are tested for quality and efficacy. You must have a list of credible agents as well as the right equipment that make your disinfection drive more effective.

Here, it is recommended to also search about the professional disinfection cleaning services near you to have a few choices if need be.

3. Choosing the right agent

Check each item for the label claim. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration), the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) makes it mandatory for all cleaning and disinfection agents to have label claims on all the products. The label claim dictates the effectiveness of the product.

4. Following the label instruction

If you want to get rid of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria and more, you need to ensure that you follow the label instructions, step-by-step. Every credible cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting agent comes with label instructions to help consumers use them effectively. Following these instructions is the key to an efficient cleaning and sanitation drive.

5. Engage professional sanitation services

Finally, if you think you cannot handle the sanitation drive yourself, you must engage professional sanitation services. The experts have knowledge, skills, experience and the right equipment to ensure all the surfaces in your house are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Ensuring efficacy in cleaning and disinfection is important. Hope this guide helps you build your protective cover against microorganism including lethal viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew.

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