Difference between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning?

Most of the commercial cleaning service clients often get confused between deep cleaning and regular cleaning. If you are looking forward to engaging the professionals, understanding the thin line of difference is imperative. While professional cleaning services are very effective in cleaning almost all types and nature of buildings, the understanding of the difference proves helpful in selecting the right services, which would be more beneficial.

Regular Cleaning & Deep cleaning explained:

In this post, we have explained the two cleaning methods in detail, hoping that having a clear understanding of the two will help you understand the benefits as well.

1. Regular Cleaning

You must have done weekly cleaning at your home or office. While professional cleaning and sanitation services would do the cleaning more efficiently the areas of work they cover are very much similar to a usual weekly cleaning. The core aim of the regular cleaning regime is to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in and around your property. The common aspects of cleaning covered under the professional regular cleaning services include:
  • Vacuuming and cleaning of the floors
  • Tidying the house, interior, and exterior
  • Thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms including the toilet seat, mirror, washbasin, taps, and more
  • Cleaning the kitchen including removing trash, cleaning appliances from the outside, and wiping different surfaces
As the cleaning is not too intense, a regular cleaning drive would last in a short time. The ultimate goal is to keep the home look tidy, with no visible dust, dirt, or debris anywhere.

2. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning, unlike regular cleaning, is a more detailed process, with the ultimate aim to boost cleanliness as well as sanitization, in and around the property. Deep cleaning is the first service you must engage when you decide to hire professional cleaning services in Vancouver for the first time. As a rule, it is important to engage in professional cleaning service providers for a deep cleaning every six months. It indeed is an expensive cleaning service but the results are worth the investment.

In a deep cleaning, the cleaners will remove all the dirt and grime from the house and cover every nook and corner, preferably the areas that aren’t covered in a regular cleaning job.

Common elements of deep cleaning services include:

  • Thorough bathroom cleaning including removing scale and soap scum from different parts of the bathroom including showerheads, taps, tiles, and more.
  • Thorough kitchen cleaning including cleaning the underside and inside of the appliances, and removing the grime collected in different areas.
  • Dusting and deep cleaning of areas such as baseboards, doors of all rooms.
  • Cleaning patio doors and window frames
  • Cleaning the glass doors and windows

Professional cleaning service providers Richmond use high-quality cleaning and sanitizing agents to offer remarkable results.

3. Which cleaning service is best for you?

It is natural to wonder what type of services you need when you approach a professional sanitation services company. If you have just started with your cleaning regime, engaging professionals for a deep clean is recommended. Once the house is thoroughly cleaned, you can engage professionals for a routine cleaning service, now and then.

At Vansanit, we offer both types of cleaning services. You can hire us or consult with us for the suitable cleaning services you must avail.

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